I’m finally on my way…!

I just turned 33 and as a birthday present to myself, I resolved to finally act on my dream of working for myself and starting a business. I’ve been sidetracked for too long – I guess I spent more time reading about ‘success stories’ online than on starting my own. I was plain scared – no, petrified! What if I fail?

In the end necessity won. I had a choice of staying at home with my kids or work outside of the home and pay somebody else to take care of them (which just didn’t make sense). I wanted the best of both worlds – money to spend and time for my family – is that too much to ask? Thus I launched my online venture….

This blog will document my progress. The steps and missteps (which I hope will be few and far between) and once and for all sift through all that hype. At the very least, I’ll be able to prove to my husband that my efforts for the past year have not been in vain (he was , and still is, skeptical, ah men!)


Flashback: September 2005

It all started with a seemingly innocent ad on the sunday paper, “Wanted Medical Transcriptionist, work from home. Excellent opportunity for stay-at-home moms!” I grabbed the phone and dialed the 1800 number. I later found out I had to subscribe to a few months of training. And of course, there are fees to be paid.

Then I tried joining contests and sweepstakes online – even submitted my cute son’s picture. On sites like Parents.com, beech-nut.com, gerber.com. Of course, I never won anything except get my inbox jammed with spam.



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