No time to get anything done…

I just put my younger son to sleep but my older son – so hyperactive that I sometimes suspect he’s not normal – refused to even close his eyes. So I just let him play while ‘mommy works’.

Time is what I don’t have. I always have to find ways to multi-task and keep organized:

* As soon as I knew that I wanted to start a business, I bought a notebook. I use it for jotting down business ideas that suddenly pop in my head, resources and tools that I see on TV and read online. I write anything (no editing at this time). I devote a couple of pages per business idea. Now I have a list of some potential businesses – waiting for me to take the first steps. Keeping notes ensures that I don’t forget and miss out!

* I also started organizing my ‘bookmarks’. I m now using a new web browser. I downloaded the Firefox, which is free, has tabbed browsing (no need to open multiple windows to view several sites) and  accesses my Internet Explorer ‘Favorites’.  I found out that although the updated Internet Explorer now also has ‘tabs’, it doesn’t show my Firefox bookmarks.

I use to just bookmark but not categorize. My ‘bookmarks’ file became so cluttered that I couldn’t find what site I was looking for. Now,  I have bookmarks folders for ‘business opportunities’, ‘online tools’, ‘sample sites’ (sites that I find appealing and may model from), and ‘WAHM sites’ (sites of other work-at-home moms).


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