Should I Just Work…?

My husband has insinuated (again) that I need to take on a job. So I submitted my Resume. I tried banks because I have been interested in banking and finance. But the only position that’s part-time is a for a teller. One of the banks I applied to called and said I needed to take the Tellervision test. I did and passed. Now they have scheduled me for an interview. But why am I reluctant…? I look at my kids and feel bad about leaving them with somebody else and for what…? $9 an hour? (half of which goes to paying the daycare). Working full-time is out of the question, for now anyway. I cannot imagine being away from my kids for most of their waking hours. I don’t have anything against moms who do work – full-time. This is personal. I’ve been raised by a mom who was out of the house practically the whole day, 7 days a week. I love her dearly and I know that she loves us and that her working was necessary for her and for us. But of course, there is always a side-effect, whether wanted or not. That’s just a fact. My siblings and I clamored for the emotional security that only our mom could provide. That may be an unreasonable demand from an adult, but when you’re a child, your world revolves around her.

So what am I to do now? I should try some multilevel marketing…Avon? Tupperware? or Just keep on trying to see if I can succeed online….?

We’ll see….


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