A Way To Own The Internet?

There has been a big buzz about AGLOCO™ “the first Internet based economic network, which enables you as a Member to ‘Get your share of the internet.’ Advertisers, search companies, online merchants and other businesses currently pay lots of companies to deliver people like you to them to get your attention and sell goods. With AGLOCO™ they will be paying YOU. AGLOCO™ is also a global community of Internet users whose active Members can be paid for all their online activity. By downloading our proprietary Viewbar™ technology, members benefit from engaging yet unobtrusive content tailored to their interests. AGLOCO™ also pays its members to refer their friends to the community (and for those friends to refer more friends through four levels of extended referrals).” (as stated on their site)

To put it simply: Google became big because of the critical mass of its online users. You were probably one of those “google this, google that” users. The big BUT – did you share in their profits? Nah!

Check out the site (I’m your referrer) and let me know if this is an awesome idea or not. The toolbar ‘tho has still to be released….I’ll be looking forward to that and will post it here as soon as it becomes available.


One response to “A Way To Own The Internet?

  1. this is my blog it is in arabic language


    I translated images and also information from other blogs to arabic language
    The blog contain also all agloco news and updates
    I have done a lot of effort

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