To Blog or Not to Blog

Blog, short for web log, has been proliferating online enabling ordinary humans (meaning non-techies like you and me) to write and maintain an online journal. It has since evolved from being a mere personal diary to a tool for 1) influencing people’s opinions and 2) as a means to make money. As more and more people go online and post their own-generated content, there has been a push to demand that payment be made for one’s contribution to the online world we call the Worldwide Web.

My point? If you are a prolific writer why not capitalize on your writing prowess to earn some extra bucks. In future posts, I will discuss some other ways of doing this. As for now, the easiest way to get started is to start a blog. Don’t have a blog? You can get one for free right here at WordPress. Choose a niche that you are passionate about or at least have a basic knowledge of. And just start writing.

When you start getting traffic – yehey! Now there’s another person reading your blog aside from yourself 🙂 you’re now ready to submit your blog to sites that pay for blog posts. One outstanding site that I just recently discovered is Bloggerwave, one of the new kids on the block. I love the simplicity of the site – its almost minimalistic interface.  I also like the fact that they accept newer blogs. I’m looking forward to more opportunities from this site.

Sidenote: If you come across a site called, please be wary. I had a bad experience with this one. After I entered all my info, I didn’t get any acknowledgement. When I emailed them, I got an ‘error’ message. I included the link here for you to see (no contact numbers, no ‘About Us’ page, nothing). Is this a scam or for real? I’m not sure….better to be safe with your personal info than sorry. Let me know if anybody had a similar or different experience.


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