More on Capitalizing on Content

On a recent post, I mentioned blogging as a way to capitalize on one’s excellent writing abilities. Indeed, I believe that content writing – whether for an article, a blog post, or website content – is a great starting point for a work-at-home mom (WAHM) like me.

I love writing. I used to keep a notebook diary (yes, the old-tech way) back in high school but abandoned it after my sneaky sister-in-law browsed through it! Since then I just wrote occasionally. Now, thanks to the Internet, I have an online ‘voice.’ I can write about something that I feel strongly about and make money too (who can beat that!) 

Aside from blogging, I’m looking at submitting articles to content aggregators: one that I’ve tried submitting to is Constant-Content  (aside from being an author, I can also refer). It’s actually more of a marketplace where you can submit an article,  blog entries, advertisements, product descriptions, reviews and tutorials and set the price for non-exclusive or exclusive rights. The topics range from ‘Animals’ to ‘Writing’ (or suggest a topic not on the list).

The only drawback? They have a tough editing team – none of my first submissions got approved for posting – imagine that!  🙂 In fairness, I guess you don’t need to have gone to grammar school but at least have a ‘clean’ submission: no typos, grammar errors, etc. On the flip side, this is definitely a good site to buy content from because of the fact that they strictly edit and screen articles submitted. Anyways, I’m still recovering from that first major online rejection and revising my articles for re-submission.

Another site that I found is Helium. You write articles that get rated by other writers. They also run a weekly writers’ contest with cash prizes. (But don’t even think about their affiliate program because you would have to have a minimum of 10,000 impressions!).

And yet another site is Associated Content, which is one cool online community of content producers.  But unlike Constant-Content and Helium, AC accepts not only text but all kinds of media – original video, articles, audio and images on any topic. So a contributor is not limited to just text.  I can be a writer,  a photographer or a videographer 🙂 They payout through Paypal with the initial payments ranging from $3 – 20 and may also be eligible for a Performance Bonus. What’s more, as long as you remain active on AC, you will keep earning money on your content. They also have referral incentives.

The drawback with AC?  They do not offer payment to non-citizens or non-legal residents of the United States due to the legal limitations of their Independent Contractor/License Agreement (Constant-Content and Helium do not specifically spell this one out).

The bottom line: it’s worth it to join all these 3 sites. Or at the very least, join 1 or 2. If you want to sell rights to your articles outright, sign up for Constant-Content. If, on the other hand, you prefer to hold the copyright to your work while the content aggregators hold your content in perpetuity, but non-exclusively, then sign up for Helium or Associated Content. Just read the FAQs, Terms, and Guidelines well.

As for me, I’m off writing…


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