Needed: Re-focusing Part 2

My last post was about having clarity and organization to my personal life and my money-making efforts by sitting down, setting a goal and actually writing it down (I printed mine and posted it on the wall – with a picture of a nice-looking house that I saw for sale). Think of the power of motivation!

Now that I’ve finished determining what I want to financially and personally accomplish (i.e. short term: earn at least $1000/mo within the end of the year), the next step is to think of strategies/ideas/businessess to attain those goals:

A. Since I love writing, I may as well do content production- blogging and article writing:

1. Submit blog posts to Bloggerwave and Blogsvertise which pay out for blog posts about products and services.

2. Submit articles to Associated Content, Helium and Constant-Content (see the post about ‘capitalizing on content’).

3. Website Management/Online Marketing – I am right now in the process of building several websites. One is being built through Sitebuildit (SBI), a cool hosting and website creation tool that helped me come up with an idea for a website! It has tools like Brainstormer, Master Keyword List, Niche Choose It, and a traffic, info and download centers (where they have free e-books for work-at-home moms, affiliate marketersservice sellers, the list just keeps getting longer!)

I can also create forms, RSS feeds and blogs, mail out ezines and even establish an e-commerce store. I guess the best selling points aside from the tools are the excellent customer service and testimonials and a forum of current SBI users who share how they’re making money by creating websites full of content.

The only drawback to SBI is that they charge fees upfront (if you read their salescopy, you will know why).  Also, their website creation dashboard is not as robust and flexible as others. The bottom line? Since I didn’t know what topic to build my website around and didn’t have the tools like the Niche Choose It, SBI was best for me.

My SBI site is my main project but I also have 2 websites under creation with Microsoft Live which offers a free basic web hosting (this is great I guess if you already have a clear idea of the niche that your website is going to talk about). My websites are not yet live ‘tho as I’m just working on them part-time. See I told ya! I am working on too many things!

B. And then of course, there’s my Ameriplan business that I just got into 3 days ago. I’m excited about this one because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. And because they’re having their 15th year anniversary promo where 65 lucky IBOs may win up to $30,000/mo for 12 months!

C. And finally I have applied as a home-based Customer Service Rep with several call centers. I’m still waiting for call-backs.

So there.  I will focus on just these projects from now on. No distractions. 1 hr in the am for content-writing, 1 hour in the pm for the websites, 1-2 hours for my Ameriplan business and 1-2 hours for the home-based customer service job. Whew!


One response to “Needed: Re-focusing Part 2

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