Unique & Affordable Father’s Day Gifts (for June 17th)

It’s that time of the year again. And whether we like it or not, we can’t help but feel the pressure to give ‘the man of the house’ -whether our husband or our dad – something for Father’s Day (FD).

Don’t be bitter just because your hubby didn’t give you anything for Mother’s Day (MD) 😦 This time, you’ve got to lead by example. Treat him like a king on FD (take pictures as proof – men are notorious for their short-term memory) and when MD comes along next year, subtly remind him of what you did this year by showing him the pics.

As for my hubby, I and the kids will be cooking him breakfast in bed and then we’ll leave him alone for the day so he can snooze and rest. He works hard the rest of the week, you know. And then cap it off with a nighttime full-body massage.

For the gift, that’s where I’m having a hard time. I want it to be unique and meaningful. I want the gift to ‘speak’ to him about how good a dad he is and that he can even be better!

I guess the buzz word in online shopping today is personalization – making something personal and unique. Generic products are now passe.

* CafePress and Zazzle! (which offer free shipping)for instance let you design your own graphics & text and have those printed on any product you choose at their store. Hmm… what about a shirt with our kids’ picture embossed on it…

* What about a Beer Making Kit from Mr. Beer.

* Or a professionally framed, authentic autographed jerseys, from COLLECTIBLES OF THE GAME.

* Or an art piece from the World’s largest selection of fine art prints.

* If your hubby/dad is like mine who hates to read a printed book, an audiobook is an excellent way to ‘read’ even when he’s on the go or stuck in traffic. What about gifting him with an unlimited book or audiobook gift rental?

* Does he like to read magazines? What about a Gift Certificate to an online Men’s Magazines store?

* To prevent our men from getting lost, we should get each one a can’t-live-without GPS.

* If you’re feeling a little more extravagant, jewelry is always an excellent gift. Try Harris Michael’s line of men’s jewelry. They have items below $50 and currently have a promotional discount of 18% off + FREE SHIPPING +$5 donated for kids.

* What about a Grand Canyon Tour from Las Vegas.

* Or a golf cruise perhaps?

* If you just want to stick to the traditional tie, at least get a designer tie from Raffaello .

Here are some more ideas on how to treat our hubby on this special day:

* Have a movie marathon treat. Gather all of your husband’s favorite movies and watch these with him.

* Love his game. You can challenge him to a one-on-one.

* Hand-wash his car for him. It shows that you also care for the things he values.

* Cook his favorite (healthy) meal and encourage him to stay healthy.

* Go for a run or walk together.

* Organize a dinner date under a clear sky. Set up a candle-lit dinner in your backyard or roof top with delicious food and a bottle of fine wine.

There’s only a week to go. Got to go get the gift.


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