FREE Cute Baby Shoes (Soft-soled and in Leather)

I’m giving away baby shoes!

What’s the catch? I’ve been recently contacted by someone who said that he can give me leads (for a price) of moms who want to work from home.

Then I thought, “why make this guy and his company rich?” I’d rather talk directly to moms and since I have a blog, I can easily do that.     

So here’s what I came up with: I need moms (and dads too!) who have been/ are interested (even remotely) in working from home. If you are 1 of the first emailers (I only have 13 pairs remaining), I will send you a pair of Cute Baby soft-soled shoes that retail elsewhere at $24.95 (or $12.95 clearance). To show how serious I am, I’ll even pay for shipping. 

All I ask is that you take a look at the home business materials I will be enclosing with your package. If you’re interested, good. Let’s talk. If not, just please PASS THEM ON! Do keep in mind that I’m also a mom working from home so I try to keep a tab on my costs 🙂 Fair enough?

Not a get-rich-quick scheme. Serious inquiries only please!

Send me an email at:

Great! Start sending those emails!

P.S. to take a peek at the shoes, check out the pictures inside the box  “My Shared Files” to the right. Tnx!


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