My PowerMall Review: Another Way For Moms To Get Our “Share” of the Online Wealth

There has been a lot of buzz about My Power Mall, a new site that allows you to benefit 2 ways: 1) receive cash rebates when you buy things that you would normally buy anyway and 2) get rebates for the shopping done by family and friends you refer, up to 9 tiers.

Why is this a no-brainer? It’s FREE to join, No out-of-pocket or monthly fees. And nothing to sell. You can either sign up for personal savings (Personal Mall) or to make money (Business Mall).

Mypowermall gives the rebates to you in cash and you get something for referring the service. When I shop at Walmart (online or in store) – do I get richer? I get poorer! I get nothing in return except the receipt :(.

A couple of people asked me whether it is legitimate. Fair question. I looked around too before I signed up.

The company CEO/Founder is a well-known philanthropist and writer. The site lists all the staff and the company’s physical address. I also checked with BBB. No incriminating record there.

The most important thing? It is free to join. I am not required to fork out cash. 

The video/movie illustrates very clearly the potential of My Power Mall.

I signed up because I figured I’ve got NOTHING to lose, even if I just want to save money on supplies for my home business or things for my kids.

P.S. Thank you to the first 6 people who emailed me for the free Cute Baby shoes. I still have 8 pairs left. If you want one, please email me at


One response to “My PowerMall Review: Another Way For Moms To Get Our “Share” of the Online Wealth

  1. Divina Dionisio

    Hi! I am interested to join your powermall. I am from the Philippines. Can I qualify for the business power mall?


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