An Update On My Post: Review of My Power Mall

As I’ve said in an earlier post, I’ve joined My Power Mall because I wanted to save on supplies for my Ameriplan homebusiness and shopping for my kids. Here’s an update:

I receive emails from the MPM team almost everyday. Here’s an excerpt from one of them:


100,000 By September 1st Campaign!!

This thing is about to EXPLODE!
For those of you who were not on last Monday’s My Power Mall Chat, you missed a VERY exciting call!   Not to fret, as I will paste a link here for you to listen to at your leisure, and I am also outlining a summary of the highlights of the call in this email.   Please at least read this summary so you will see the vision of exactly how huge this seemingly SIMPLE little FREE program is in the process of becoming.

SUMMARY of where My Power Mall is heading.STARTING THIS WEEK!

1. As of Wednesday July 11th AM there are 17,769 Members!

2. The Company is just 14 weeks old.
3. There are Members participating from over 136 Countries!
4. We are presently averaging close to 300 new members daily and this is about to snowball!  (Keep reading to see how)
5. Ginny’s GOAL and INTENTION. is to have a minimum of 100,000 members by SEPTEMBER 1st, 2007.   (Ginny believes they will surpass this goal)
6. Ginny’s GOAL and INTENTION. is to have ONE MILLION Members by March, 2008. (Folks.That is only 8-9 MONTHS from NOW!)
7. Ginny is challenging us to GIVE AWAY. at least 10 FREE Memberships YOU will reap the rewards of what is about to happen with MyPowerMall.  (Keep reading to see how!)
8. Ginny realizes that MANY people.especially network marketers.are literally BROKE!  Therefore they are not in a financial position to USE their FREE Mall as much as perhaps they would like.  However.she also realizes that no matter how broke we are.we ALL have to shop EVERY WEEK for groceries!  We have to EAT!
9. With this vital point in mind, she has decided to make an aggressive move IMMEDIATELY to begin wooing EVERY MAJOR GROCERY CHAIN in the United States.and once that is established to her satisfaction.she will ALSO make the same move GLOBALLY!
10. Her Goal is to already HAVE the first TEN MAJOR GROCERY CHAINS by August 1st, 2007 (Less than three weeks from NOW!)
11. Her Goal is to have TWENTY FIVE by August 15th.
12. Her Goal is to have FIFTY by September 15th.
13. She will keep plugging till she has EVERY MAJOR and multiple smaller Grocery Stores in the Country as part of MyPowerMall.
14. Ginny is ALREADY in the process of discussion with the first big Food & Grocery Chain .and through the POWER of sheer numbers, she knows that ALL or most other stores will FOLLOW.the dominos will fall.because WHY NOT?   If we can SHOW them that we already have 100,000 Members.and are growing at an astronomical rate.headed for the ONE MILLION MARK.and already have MORE STORES than any other Mall in existence.and their COMPETITORS are participating .WHY NOT?
15. Her plan is to bring them all “IN HOUSE”.to avoid the middle man cost of managing and paying the that each Grocery Store can afford to pay worthwhile rebates.   There will be a one page interface on our Mall, where we can purchase a “GROCERY CARD”.much like purchasing a “PHONE CARD”.  Some stores will give the option of home delivery.others will not, but regardless we can just take the card to the store and when we do so we will earn the MPM Membership Rebates which would be on top of any other specials the store was offering.  We can just go online to RECHARGE our cards when we need to.
16. This will literally EXPLODE our INCOME everyone spends between $150 – $1,000 per EVERY MONTH on groceries, depending on their budget and family size.   If you have even just 100 people in your entire downline GROUP.(10 people giving away 10 Free Malls), this would be an average of approximately 100 x $400 = $4,000 per month being spent JUST on groceries, not counting other purchases, that you would be EARNING REBATES ON!   You should by now be getting the picture….


Here’s the entirety of that email:


One response to “An Update On My Post: Review of My Power Mall

  1. nicedealsonline

    Hi startup mom:
    I found your site looking up on the powermall business. I have a question. If other people apart from family and friends buy from your store, how gets the rebates–you or the person buying from your store? From your experience which is better to promote personal or business.
    my email is

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