The Difference Between My Powermall and Upromise

I’ve been asked a couple of times about the difference between joining My Powermall (MPM) and Upromise and here’s my take on the issue: 

both are (like) rebates sites, meaning you get back a percentage of whatever you spend on things that you buy everyday. Upromise has been around for a while MPM was just launched this year (but with an equally impressive list of stores). You can get rebates for your grocery shopping at Upromise both online and off while MPM is still working this one out.

With regard to eating out, you can get rebates at Upromise when you dine with affiliated restos while MPM has & others where you can purchase a $25 certificate for just $10 (that’s an outright savings of $15 plus a 10.50% commission on this transaction).

The differences:

1. Amount of Rebate –  Most Mypowermall rebates are much bigger than Upromise’s. For example, I need business cards for my homebusiness. The Vistaprint rebate at Upromise is just 6% while at MPM, it’s a whopping 11.20 %.

2. How You Get The Rebate/Cashback – With Upromise, you get it as a college fund contribution which means that you have to open an account to get a hold of your rebates. With MPM, you get it as cash and spend it any way you want.

3. Incentive for Referring – Upromise does not reward a “referral fee”. MPM on the other hand has a Business Mall option that gives you commissions on the transactions of people you refer up to 9 tiers – that’s what so-called marketing gurus refer to as ‘leveraging other people’s efforts’.

4. Options – MPM has 2 options, a Personal Mall (gives larger rebates on personal shopping but no commission on referral) or a Business Mall (with referral commissions that is residual). Upromise I guess just has a personal mall.

THE BOTTOMLINE: If you just want a rebate site for your child’s college fund, do join Upromise. Upromise is a free service, and by adding your credit, debit or grocery card you can begin saving money for college when you shop at participating retailers.

If you want a rebate site PLUS an opportunity to earn residually, join MPM.


3 responses to “The Difference Between My Powermall and Upromise

  1. Thanks for sharing this tip. One question that I have — couldn’t you do both programs? Is there a restriction that requires you select only one?

  2. Laura,

    No, there’s no restriction. MPM and Upromise are two different programs so you can either join one or join both. Good luck!

  3. My Powermall sounds very interesting. Could you possibly let me know how it is going on my website? I am the kind of person that does alot of research before trying anything.


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