Great Resource Sites for WAHMS

Here are two sites that you will find useful:

1) One is a blog by Suzzette ( who I met over at Social Spark (more about this site later).

Anyways, Suzzette’s blog is chokeful of very informative marketing ideas and resources for – you guessed it right – WAHMS. And the best part? They’re free! So head over to her site and pick up some ideas.

2) Sparkplugging is a great website for work at home parents – from starting a home business to home office productivity, to Work Life Balance and even resources for working parents.

By the way, both Suzzette and the editor of are also work at home moms (yey!). There’s really a hoard of us out there – we can harness this ‘energy’ for our collective good (but that’s for another post).

Talk to you soon!


3 responses to “Great Resource Sites for WAHMS

  1. You’ve got very informative posts, I like your blog!

  2. hello sis,

    It seems like everything is slowly moving on. Go, go go.

    Btw, I have given you an award at my Gewgaw Writings blog.

    Do pick it up.

    Regards and kisses to the kids.

  3. Thanks Ms. Jena. I like your Gewgaw Writings. Very nostalgic. Thanks for stopping by!

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