Too many opportunities

Today’s Post is from Derek Gehl:

Last week I talked about entrepreneurs who subconsciously fear success and constantly prevent themselves from achieving it.

Well this week I’m going to address one more success killer that plagues so many aspiring entrepreneurs. This success killer is what I call “So many opportunities, so little time” syndrome.

As an entrepreneur you always have your eyes open for a good opportunity. It’s in your blood. You can’t pass up a good opportunity that could be the next big thing, right?

Now at first glance, this may seem like a good problem to have. Well it is, but it does present a significant problem and the problem is simply this:

If you constantly chase after EVERY opportunity that comes your way, you will spread yourself too thin and you will never fully see any of the opportunities through to completion and success!

Does this sound familiar?

How many websites have you partly completed before you moved on to the next potential opportunity? How many products have you started to sell before you were attracted to another? How many business opportunities have you bought into but never seen through to completion?

It’s a curse that plagues many of us… but fortunately it is easily controlled, as long as you are conscious of it.

The fact is, my most successful students have picked an idea and stuck it through. They did their homework to make sure they had a viable business idea and then they focused… and focused… and focused… and they did not stop until they found success.

Now there is a point where an idea just does not make sense to pursue any longer, and unfortunately there’s no magic formula to dictate when to move to the next opportunity. I know people who have hit bankruptcy, not given up, and still brought their idea to fruition and made a fortune. When to abandon an idea is really up to you.

On the other hand, you don’t want to miss a great opportunity that could be bigger than what you have, and you need to always “consider” every option.

But at the end of the day my advice is this: Pick your business and stick it out. Successful businesses do not happen overnight. The grass will look greener with the next opportunity on more than one occasion, but looks are not everything.

Focus, perseverance, and patience are key. Apply them generously to an opportunity you’re pursuing and success will come.



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