Non-Profit Idea: Interest-Free Loans for WAHMs

I’ve got so many biz ideas that my head’s buzzing. But my mobility is limited by lack of resources. I’ve got a gut feeling that I’m not the only one… Also check my other post on this matter.

So I thought why not come up with a non-profit organization that will offer interest-free loans to moms (or dads) who would like to start businesses from home (I’ve heard of one such organization in the Los Angeles area – let me go look it up).

Imagine what this can do to our economy (think ‘critical mass’): parents who are making money while being able to spend time with their kids and not stuck behind a wheel or a desk. Social impact? It’s a no-brainer!

So I’ve made it my personal mission to bring this non-profit project to fruition by designating at least 1 hr of my already jampacked day and at least 10% of my future earnings as initial seed loans.

Anybody care to join me? Anyone can participate a myriad of ways:

1) Financial or Organizational Consultant? Contribute your expertise – be our consultant on the steps we need to take.

2) Webmaster? Help us design a website!

3) You’re a Philanthropist? Loan your extra cash interest-free!

4) Just a normal gal? We can still use your help.

Let’s put our hearts together and work on something worthwhile! Start by giving me a buzz through my ‘Contact Me’ page.

2 responses to “Non-Profit Idea: Interest-Free Loans for WAHMs

  1. lol this is such a stupid idea, what are you going to do when people go broke and can’t afford to pay back your loans.

  2. Thanks for such a comment! Nonbelievers like you do make us think – you are right what happens if they can’t pay? The Jewish Free Loan (in Los Angeles) makes it happen. We need to learn it from them, then. But you are wrong to call it a stupid idea. Care to share any great ones of yours?

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