Today’s Inspirational Quotes & Free Resources for Startups II

The secret to getting ahead is getting started — Mark Twain

Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of –Benjamin Franklin

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind — William James.


Here’s a link to an article on resources that can potentially help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs or business startups:


Today’s Inspirational Quote & How to Maximize God’s Given Talents

Here’s today’s inspirational quote:

         “If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.”

                                                                 BILL GATES


Also, I wanted to mention here one lady by the name of Mollie, whose email I received a couple of days ago. Like the rest of us, she is also looking for ways to ‘better her life.’

She is making use of her talents by being a gospel singer and pianist. She needs votes to win a Gospel talent contest at When you get to the home page-read the part that says Vote now and click the link. Go to the senior section, scroll and you will see her name-Mollie Jackson.  Click on it and it should load the video (although the video is short :(, you can hear her nice voice).

So go ahead and vote for her. Let’s support her, woman-to-woman!

The Holidays Are Almost Here!

The Holidays Are Almost Here. Take a break from working!

As soon as the Labor Day weekend and the ‘Ber months roll in, it is time to think about those holiday gifts for Thanksgiving and whatever holiday you celebrate in December. I for one am already making my list- from my kids’ pre-school teachers to my family-in-law. I love giving gifts to people. I would like to give a gift – even a small token – to all the people who I’ve met over the course of the year.

Aside from keeping the spirit of gift-giving alive, it also bolsters my social and business networking. And I prefer to make my purchases now than rush later because now I have the time to scour the internet and the local stores for deals/discounts.

For instance, I love sites like where you can find coupons for bigname brands like, Blue Nile, Target,,, & Staples. And for the business-minded work-at-home mom (what a mouthful!), they also have coupons for credit card/banking services and office supply.

I also like the fact that you can search for coupons by category or by store and even customize your experience with MyChief where you can sign up for E-mail alerts and the newsletter.

So off I go coupon a-hunting!

Today’s Inspirational Quote

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. 

–  Winston Churchill –

To Blog or Not To Blog: Part 2

As an update on my post To Blog or Not To Blog, here’s a review of the site Payperpost, a site that pays you for blogging about the things that you love (or hate).

Although if you’re a newbie blogger, you would have to wait to qualify: your blog must be live for a minimum of 90 days and with at least 20 pre-existing posts prior to joining the PayPerPost Marketplace. The majority of the posts should also be spead out evenly and there can be no gap of more than 30 days between any posts… 

The one thing that I like about this site is the number and variety of opportunities. There is definitely something for everybody. Payment is also very convenient because it is through Paypal which is free to join. I also like the blogger admin interface which is intuitive and very easy to use.

So if you are a word junkie (a.k.a aspiring author) like me, blogging is an excellent way of self-expression while earning money on the side. So pick a niche- anything you are passionate or knowledgeable about. If you’re a mom try home cooking, home schooling, non-violent parenting/disciplining, being a military mom or a single mom, raising twins/triplets, inter-faith marriages, working from home, being a stay-at-home mom, and so much more! Just look inside your heart. What is it that moves you?

– and start writing! Before you know it, you’ll be qualified for Payperpost.

Inspirational Postings

In my daily grind as a work-at-home and [mom], I constantly face frustration, despair, hopelessness and failure. But, almost always I would come across a snippet of inspiration- either in the form of a poem, a song, a quote, a passage, or an article excerpt- that buoys my spirit and gives me renewed strength.

So I thought why not let others be inspired too? Thus this (almost) daily dose of inspiration.

Here’s one for today:

                                    “If you think you can or
                                              You think you can’t
                                                      You are always right.”

                                                                 Henry Ford

The Difference Between My Powermall and Upromise

I’ve been asked a couple of times about the difference between joining My Powermall (MPM) and Upromise and here’s my take on the issue: 

both are (like) rebates sites, meaning you get back a percentage of whatever you spend on things that you buy everyday. Upromise has been around for a while MPM was just launched this year (but with an equally impressive list of stores). You can get rebates for your grocery shopping at Upromise both online and off while MPM is still working this one out.

With regard to eating out, you can get rebates at Upromise when you dine with affiliated restos while MPM has & others where you can purchase a $25 certificate for just $10 (that’s an outright savings of $15 plus a 10.50% commission on this transaction).

The differences:

1. Amount of Rebate –  Most Mypowermall rebates are much bigger than Upromise’s. For example, I need business cards for my homebusiness. The Vistaprint rebate at Upromise is just 6% while at MPM, it’s a whopping 11.20 %.

2. How You Get The Rebate/Cashback – With Upromise, you get it as a college fund contribution which means that you have to open an account to get a hold of your rebates. With MPM, you get it as cash and spend it any way you want.

3. Incentive for Referring – Upromise does not reward a “referral fee”. MPM on the other hand has a Business Mall option that gives you commissions on the transactions of people you refer up to 9 tiers – that’s what so-called marketing gurus refer to as ‘leveraging other people’s efforts’.

4. Options – MPM has 2 options, a Personal Mall (gives larger rebates on personal shopping but no commission on referral) or a Business Mall (with referral commissions that is residual). Upromise I guess just has a personal mall.

THE BOTTOMLINE: If you just want a rebate site for your child’s college fund, do join Upromise. Upromise is a free service, and by adding your credit, debit or grocery card you can begin saving money for college when you shop at participating retailers.

If you want a rebate site PLUS an opportunity to earn residually, join MPM.